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Peppercorns is a trading and manufacturing company of peppercorns and their products. Having wide range of quality…

0.7% CTR

24% Less CPA


210% ROI

The Challenges

Before we arrived, Peppercorns were struggling to rank on their branded queries itself. We had to make sure that they would rank higher on SERP rankings. But, this was not an easy task, as Peppercorns had established competitors.

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Our Approach

Our fundamental approach to solving Peppercorns’ problems was similar to our other SEO works. We conducted a necessary SEO audit and figured out the critical issues on their website. Our methodological approach included the following strategy:

Organic Keyword Visibility & Improvement.

We achieved great results in a short period of time.In the competitive IT Services industry, the most profitable keywords are the most competitive. Our proven SEO strategies boosted this client’s search engine rankings – resulting in top rankings for highly lucrative keywords such as Staff Augmentation, Staff Augmentation Firm, Staff Augmentation Services.

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Breaking down a winning digital strategy.

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Initial SEO audit to fix critical issues

Fixing core technical issues corresponds to better SERP rankings. Initially, we did an SEO audit and found out the core technical issues. Then we developed a strategy to fix them.


Categorize Pages for Optimized Site Structure

We created separate individual categories for all the Peppercorns product pages. We ensured that they had optimized content and an excellent internal linking strategy.


Page Speed Optimization for faster loading time

The website loading time has a significant impact on SEO rankings. We decrease the site loading speed to less than 3 seconds.


Off-Page Optimization for Stable Google Rankings

Off-Page SEO is one of the major factors that improve the overall SEO score of the website. We created a sound off-page plan and implemented it to boost Peppercorns’ site rankings.

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