Velox Insurance

Velox Insurance, Inc was established in 2003. It provides affordable insurance coverage in the Southeast.

0.7% CTR

24% Less CPA


210% ROI

The Challenges

VELOX insurance had a decent ranking on several of their keywords, but one of their competitors outranked them. At present, their high domain authority didn’t reflect on their Google rankings. So, we were contacted by them to regain their previous ranking. The challenge for us was that there were already big brands dominating the insurance industry. We had to go into much more detail to obtain higher SERP rankings.

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Our Approach

We immediately focused on an SEO audit to know the reasons behind dropped rankings. After that, we created a methodological approach and solved all the problems-one problem at a time. Here are some of the solutions we provided to VELOX insurance:

Organic Keyword Visibility & Improvement.

We achieved great results in a short period of time.In the competitive IT Services industry, the most profitable keywords are the most competitive. Our proven SEO strategies boosted this client’s search engine rankings – resulting in top rankings for highly lucrative keywords such as Staff Augmentation, Staff Augmentation Firm, Staff Augmentation Services.

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Breaking down a winning digital strategy.

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Site health Improvisation for better Crawling Process

After an SEO audit, we found that the VELOX insurance site had many errors and warnings. These errors had a lot of adverse effects on the site’s ranking. So, we removed these errors for a better crawling process and improved the site’s health.


Duplicate Content Management for Optimized Website Content

VELOX Insurance had almost the same contents for all its location-based pages. The only difference in all the contents was the location name. We managed those duplicate contents by making a content outline. During the content outline process, we followed a scientific On-page optimization process. 


Creation of blog posts to create high-quality Supporting Pages

VELOX Insurance had a significant number of blog posts that didn’t rank well on SERP pages. We rewrote blog posts, which had colossal traffic potential as well, and optimized those supporting pages.


Local Business Schemas Implementation

Local Business Schema may not be a ranking factor, but it improves the website CTR. Therefore, we implemented local business schemas on location-based pages.

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