Baker & Baker Salts

Baker & Baker Salts is a specialty manufacturer of high-end salts and lifestyle salts (low sodium) for…

0.7% CTR

24% Less CPA


210% ROI

The Challenges

Baker & Baker Salts is competing against a bunch of established competitors. It meant that we were dealing in a very competitive niche. This was never going to be easy. Moreover, they were struggling to rank on several lucrative keywords for a long time. 

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Our Approach

It was clear to us that Baker & Baker salts needed help in all three SEO factors, i.e., Technical SEO, On-page optimization, and  Off-Page optimization. So, we optimized the following sub-factors to improve their all-round SEO score. 

Organic Keyword Visibility & Improvement.

We achieved great results in a short period of time.In the competitive IT Services industry, the most profitable keywords are the most competitive. Our proven SEO strategies boosted this client’s search engine rankings – resulting in top rankings for highly lucrative keywords such as Staff Augmentation, Staff Augmentation Firm, Staff Augmentation Services.

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Breaking down a winning digital strategy.

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Technical SEO audit to improve site health

As we mentioned earlier, Baker & Baker salts had poor site health. Many errors caused this problem. One of them was broken internal links. We created a new and improved internal linking strategy to boost site health score.


Page Speed Enhancement to Improve Techincal SEO rankings

We increased the website loading speed of Baker & Baker salts by more than six seconds. Before we arrived, their page speed was more than eight seconds. We decreased it to less than two seconds.


Link Building to Improve Off-Page SEO factors

We created high-quality links to boost the website’s off-page rankings. We also implemented other Off-page techniques such as social bookmarking and directory submissions. 


Scientific Approach for Content Optimization

We rewrote a significant number of blogs to optimize supporting blog pages. This process helped to boost site strength.

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