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Goals of this course

Help our trainees to land their first SEO job

Teach SEO

160+ SEO lessons to help our students understand all the ins and outs of SEO.

Get them hired

40+ partner agencies ready to offer them their first SEO job.

Prepare for real market

100+ practical assignments to test their knowledge and it's outcome in real-time.

Bhuvan Paudel
Bhuvan Paudel
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The training helped me develop the right mindset to SEO, in-depth technical knowledge and networking to SEO masterminds. Thank you Rambabu Thapa and Orka Socials team for this great opportunity.

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What You'll Learn

14 sections • 168 Lessons & Assignments
Lesson 1 –

Welcome and Congratulations

Assignment #1

Lesson 2 –

Introductions and Overview

Assignment #2

Lesson 3 –

About the Trainer

Assignment #3

Lesson 4 –

Course Structure

Assignment #4

Lesson 5 –

How to get the most out of this training?

Assignment #5

Lesson 6 –

Rules within the Community

Assignment #6

Lesson 7 –

Questions and Support

Assignment #7

Lesson 8 –

Celebrating your wins

Assignment #8

Lesson 9 –

Group Coaching Calls (Weekly)

Assignment #9

Lesson 10 –

Reporting Technical Issues

Assignment #10

Lesson 11 –

Submitting video testimonials / leaving a review

Assignment #11

Lesson 12 –

Understanding Web Ecosystem & How it Works

Assignment #12

Lesson 13 –

Types of Websites and Their Importance

Assignment #13

Lesson 14 –

What is Internet Marketing / Digital Marketing

Assignment #14

Lesson 15 –

Type of Internet Marketing & Their Importance

Assignment #15

Lesson 16 –

Understanding Business and why they need SEO

Assignment #16

Lesson 17 –

Why Does An SEO Career Exist?

Assignment #17

Lesson 18 –

Where are you in the Journey?

Assignment #18

Lesson 19 –

What is SEO?

Assignment #19

Lesson 20 –

Benefits of Learning SEO Training

Assignment #20

Lesson 21 –

Who is this course for?

Assignment #21

Lesson 22 –

What will your learn with this Course?

Assignment #22

Lesson 23 –

Niche Selection, Why it’s important in your SEO Journey?

Assignment #23

Lesson 24 –

How Search Engines Work?

Assignment #24

Lesson 25 –

Understanding Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

Assignment #25

Lesson 26 –

Basic & Advance Search Commands / Operators

Assignment #26

Lesson 27 –

Free SEO Tools

Assignment #27

Lesson 28 –

Premium SEO Tools

Assignment #28

Parash Awale
Parash Awale
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I am happy I took the Advanced SEO Training course at Orka Socials. I gained lots of knowledge on SEO that I wasn't aware of. I am utilising them to get great results. This Advanced SEO certification course is one of the finest out there. I'd recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning SEO.
Join our SEO community with a 20% discount and start your SEO journey.
Lesson 29 –

What is a Keyword?

Assignment #29

Lesson 30 –

What is Keyword Research? How to do effective Keyword Research?

Assignment #30

Lesson 31 –

Understanding Search Intent

Assignment #31

Lesson 32 –

Keyword Types: Primary, Secondary and Supporting Keywords

Assignment #32

Lesson 33 –

Long-tail keywords and their importance

Assignment #33

Lesson 34 –

Semantically-related words, Phrases and Entities

Assignment #34

Lesson 35 –

Keyword Research using Free Tools

Assignment #35

Lesson 36 –

Keyword Research using Paid Tools

Assignment #36

Lesson 37 –

Keyword Clustering/p>

Assignment #37

Lesson 38 –

Topical Map (Basics)

Assignment #38

Lesson 39 –

Keywords and Page Mapping

Assignment #39

Lesson 40 –

Keywords in Domain Name (EMD)

Assignment #40

Lesson 41 –

Download Keyword Research Template

Assignment #41

Lesson 42 –

Content Strategy Overview

Assignment #42

Lesson 43 –

Types of SEO Content

Assignment #43

Lesson 44 –

Creating Content Outline

Assignment #44

Lesson 45 –

Satisfying User Intent

Assignment #45

Lesson 46 –


Assignment #46

Lesson 47 –


Assignment #47

Lesson 48 –

Editing (Proofreading)

Assignment #48

Lesson 49 –

Writing Headlines

Assignment #49

Lesson 50 –

Editorial Calendar

Assignment #50

Lesson 51 –

Hub Content and Topic Cluster

Assignment #51

Lesson 52 –

How to Find Sub-topics

Assignment #52

Lesson 53 –

Content Freshness and Updating Content

Assignment #53

Lesson 54 –

Content Promotion

Assignment #54

Lesson 55 –

Measuring Content’s SEO Success

Assignment #55

Lesson 56 –

Common Content Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Assignment #56

Lesson 57 –

Content Writing Tools

Assignment #57

Lesson 58 –

Download SEO Content Writing Checklist

Assignment #58

Lesson 59 –

What is On-Page SEO?

Assignment #59

Lesson 60 –

Understanding HTML needed for On-Page SEO

Assignment #60

Lesson 61 –

Elements of On-Page SEO (Ranking Factor)

Assignment #61

Lesson 62 –

Performing On-Page SEO using free tools (Y/R)

Assignment #62

Lesson 63 –

Performing On-Page SEO using paid tools (F/S)

Assignment #63

Lesson 64 –

SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions

Assignment #64

Lesson 65 –

Optimizing heading tags (H1, H2, H3)

Assignment #65

Lesson 66 –

Image optimization (filename, size, alt, etc.)

Assignment #66

Lesson 67 –

Structuring URLs for on-page SEO

Assignment #67

Lesson 68 –

Canonicalization and its role in on-page SEO

Assignment #68

Lesson 69 –

Internal Linking

Assignment #69

Lesson 70 –

Reverse Silo

Assignment #70

Lesson 71 –

Anchor Texts (Types and Importance)

Assignment #71

Lesson 72 –

Open Graph Data

Assignment #72

Lesson 73 –

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Assignment #73

Lesson 74 –

Download On-Page SEO Checklist /p>

Assignment #74

Lesson 75 –

What is Technical SEO?

Assignment #75

Lesson 76 –

Elements of Technical SEO (Ranking Factor)

Assignment #76

Lesson 77 –

Technical SEO Tools (free / paid)

Assignment #77

Lesson 78 –

Performing Technical SEO Audit using Free Tools

Assignment #78

Lesson 79 –

Performing Technical SEO Audit using Paid Tools

Assignment #79

Lesson 80 –

Redirects 3xx (301, 302, etc.)

Assignment #80

Lesson 81 –

4xx errors (4xx error codes)

Assignment #81

Lesson 82 –

Mobile-Friendly Design (Responsive Design)

Assignment #82

Lesson 83 –

W3C Code validation

Assignment #83

Lesson 84 –

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate:

Assignment #84

Lesson 85 –


Assignment #85

Lesson 86 –

XML Sitemap

Assignment #86

Lesson 87 –

HTML Sitemap

Assignment #87

Lesson 88 –

Structured Data Markup (Schema.org)

Assignment #88

Lesson 89 –

Pagination (Faceted Navigation)

Assignment #89

Lesson 90 –

Duplicate Contents / How to handle them

Assignment #90

Lesson 91 –

Broken Links and Error Handling

Assignment #91

Lesson 92 –

Image Optimization

Assignment #92

Lesson 93 –

Internationalization (Hreflang)

Assignment #93

Lesson 94 –

Site Architecture

Assignment #94

Lesson 95 –

Website Security

Assignment #95

Lesson 96 –

Site Speed Optimization

Assignment #96

Lesson 97 –

Text-to-HTML ratio

Assignment #97

Lesson 98 –

White Hat, Grey Hat & Black Hat SEO – Do’s and Don’ts

Assignment #98

Lesson 99 –

Common Technical SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Assignment #99

Lesson 100 –

Download Technical SEO Checklist

Assignment #100

Deepa Silwal
Deepa Silwal
Read More
SEO training is going on very smoothly. The trainer is very supportive and wants his learners to reach their optimum level. He is always ready to help everyone (even people with less IT skills) in whatever way he can. Huge respect to his patience and humbleness. Kudos!!
Lesson 101 –

What is Off-Page SEO?

Assignment #101

Lesson 102 –

Elements of Off-Page SEO (Ranking Factor)

Assignment #102

Lesson 103 –

Types of Off-Page SEO

Assignment #103

Lesson 104 –

How links/ backlinks effect search engine rankings

Assignment #104

Lesson 105 –

Common Backlink Building Tools (Free)

Assignment #105

Lesson 106 –

Premium Backlink Building Tools (Paid)

Assignment #106

Lesson 107 –

Types of Backlinks

Assignment #107

Lesson 108 –

Types of Anchor Texts and golden ratio

Assignment #108

Lesson 109 –

Learn to manage risks when building links for SEO.

Assignment #109

Lesson 110 –

Free links Vs Paid links

Assignment #110

Lesson 111 –

How to do guest blog posting for quality backlinks (Guest Post Outreach)

Assignment #111

Lesson 112 –

Finding Link Sources (40+)

Assignment #112

Lesson 113 –


Assignment #113

Lesson 114 –

Digital PR

Assignment #114

Lesson 115 –

Coupon Codes (Offers)

Assignment #115

Lesson 116 –

Broken Link Building

Assignment #116

Lesson 117 –

Typo Link Building

Assignment #117

Lesson 118 –

Citation Link Building

Assignment #118

Lesson 119 –

Round Up Link Building

Assignment #119

Lesson 120 –

Influencer Link Building

Assignment #120

Lesson 121 –

Friends & Family Link Building

Assignment #121

Lesson 122 –

Web 2.0 Properties

Assignment #122

Lesson 123 –

Content Syndication

Assignment #123

Lesson 124 –

Cleanup Spam backlinks – Link Profile Cleanup

Assignment #124

Lesson 125 –

Common Off-Page SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Assignment #125

Lesson 126 –

Creating Link Worthy Content

Assignment #126

Lesson 127 –

Download Off-Page SEO Checklist

Assignment #127

Nischal KC
Nischal KC
Read More
A business graduate with prior no experience in the field of IT, I was looking to switch my career into SEO. I was looking for my options until I came across Orka Socials' SEO Training course. it has been a surprising leap for me so far and a lot of credit goes to Rambabu sir. the quality of the content and the delivery, it's all a soothing experience to learn from one the renowned names in the industry.
Lesson 128 –

What is Local SEO?

Assignment #128

Lesson 129 –

Google Business Profile Optimization

Assignment #129

Lesson 130 –

Local SEO Ranking Factor

Assignment #130

Lesson 131 –

Location Based Pages

Assignment #131

Lesson 132 –

Geotagging Images

Assignment #132

Lesson 133 –

Local SEO Tools and Rank Tracker

Assignment #133

Lesson 134 –

Download Local SEO Checklist

Assignment #134

Bikesh Shrestha
Bikesh Shrestha
Read More
Thanks, Rambabu sir and Orka Socials, for providing this opportunity, and I'm glad to become a part of this Advance SEO training class. This training helped me develop a new mindset toward SEO opportunities and gave me much-needed confidence to take on new challenges. One of the highlights of the training was the opportunity to connect with other SEO professionals from different niches and learn about their experiences. Seeing everyone's unique approach to SEO was truly inspiring and gave me a fresh perspective on what's possible. I highly recommend this SEO training to anyone looking to build their career in SEO.
Lesson 135 –

What is SEO Audit?

Assignment #135

Lesson 136 –

Types of SEO Audit

Assignment #136

Lesson 137 –

Technical SEO Audit / Steps

Assignment #137

Lesson 138 –

On-Page SEO Audit / Steps

Assignment #138

Lesson 139 –

Off-Page SEO Audit / Steps

Assignment #139

Lesson 140 –

Local SEO Audit / Steps

Assignment #140

Lesson 141 –

Comparative & Competitive Analysis Audit

Assignment #141

Lesson 142 –

Download Full SEO Audit Checklist

Assignment #142

Jikesh Bhattarai
Jikesh Bhattarai
Read More
Happy to rate 5 star. Thank you so much my teacher Mr. Rambabu Thapa. Honestly speaking, it is one of the best SEO training programs in Nepal. The way of teaching is great and helps me to boost my knowledge and skills in the field. If you are looking for the best SEO training in town, I would like to recommend Orka Socials.
Lesson 143 –

Google Analytics (GA4)

Assignment #143

Lesson 144 –

Google Search Console (GSC)

Assignment #144

Lesson 145 –

Google Tag Manager

Assignment #145

Lesson 146 –

Google Data Studio

Assignment #146

Lesson 147 –

Goal Setup and Conversion Tracking

Assignment #147

Lesson 148 –

SEO Reporting

Assignment #148

Lesson 149 –

Third Party Reporting Tools

Assignment #149

Lesson 150 –

Download SEO Reporting Template

Assignment #150

Lesson 151 –

Discuss and Finalize Client business targets

Assignment #151

Lesson 152 –

Based on Client’s business targets, prepare SEO project requirements

Assignment #152

Lesson 153 –

Based on Target, finalize client’s products/services/primary keywords

Assignment #153

Lesson 154 –

Prepare a Campaign

Assignment #154

Lesson 155 –

Manage your campaign into a Project Management Software (Asana/Trello)

Assignment #155

Lesson 156 –

SEO Project Management Checklist

Assignment #156

Lesson 157 –

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Assignment #157

Lesson 158 –

SEO Community to Join

Assignment #158

Lesson 159 –

SEO Experts to Follow

Assignment #159

Lesson 160 –

Prepare your CV for SEO Jobs

Assignment #160

Lesson 161 –

Prepare yourself for SEO Interview

Assignment #161

Lesson 162 –

Land your Job

Assignment #162

Lesson 163 –

How to perform best in your job

Assignment #163

Lesson 164 –

Communication Skills

Assignment #164

Lesson 165 –


Assignment #165

Lesson 166 –


Assignment #166

Lesson 167 –

Case Studies

Assignment #167

Lesson 168 –

Build your Authority

Assignment #168

Maharjan Deabit
Maharjan Deabit
Read More
If you are looking for genuine SEO online training in Nepal, you are at the right place. I just completed the SEO Training with very ease, the experience was great, the quality of teaching and responsiveness was professional. I am very much thankful to RAMBABU SIR for his great contribution to the SEO Online learning course in Nepal in such a simple and effective way.
A Salute to all the Orka Family.
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Simply great. Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about SEO and Digital Marketing and start their career. I am very thankful to Mr. Rambabu Thapa and his team for providing such a wonderful course.
Tashi “Dorje” Sherpa
Read More
The course contents are really of top quality. I recommend Orka Socials Academy as a best platform for learning SEO. Thank you Rambabu sir for boosting up our SEO value.
Ujjwal Maharjan
Read More
Thank you very much for this awesome course. This course encouraged me dive deeper in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing. I have learnt multiple skills that I can use in my future projects.
Join our SEO community with a 20% discount and start your SEO journey.

Meet the Trainer

Rambabu Thapa has been working in the SEO Space for over 14 years and has helped thousands of companies grow their business online.
He is the founder of Orka Socials, a full-service SEO Agency that serves businesses worldwide.
Orka Socials is dedicated to making quality SEO accessible and viable for the Nepalese marketing industry.

Our goal is to help individuals build their career and businesses around SEO, enabling them to tap into the vast potential of SEO and create successful ventures.

With our expertise and guidance, we are committed to supporting the growth of the SEO ecosystem in the country.


Years of


Awards &


Happy Clients

Proposed Timeline

This course is designed with every individual in mind. Everyone has their own pace of learning and executing. The course and assignment are designed for you to complete in three months. However, we will not force you to complete the course by our deadline.

We’ll be monitoring and helping you via our live coaching session to be accountable for finishing what you have started.

Moreover, you’ll get lifetime access so you don’t have to worry about missing out.


The training begins with foundational SEO concepts, suitable for beginners, and progresses to advanced techniques. It includes comprehensive modules covering different aspects of SEO, ensuring a solid grounding in the field.


After each training module, practical assignments are given, allowing trainees to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios. These assignments are over 100 in number, ensuring thorough practice and understanding.


Trainees receive mentorship throughout the course, with live coaching sessions for personalized guidance and problem-solving. This mentorship ensures that trainees can clarify doubts and gain deeper insights into SEO strategies.


The course structure includes mechanisms for accountability, ensuring trainees stay on track with their learning objectives. Regular reviews and feedback sessions help maintain focus and motivation.


Upon completion, trainees are equipped with the skills and knowledge for a successful career in SEO. The course's end goal is to enable trainees to secure their first SEO job, with many opportunities available through the course's network.

Real Stories, Real Success

Customize your journey through the course to match your preferred pace of learning and achieve SEO expertise.
Join our SEO community with a 20% discount and start your SEO journey.


Affordable Pricing to Boost Your SEO Career

2 Easy Payments

Split your cost into 2 payments for steady SEO training.

Rs. 36,000

/ (for two months)
Rs. 1800000
What’s included:

One-Time Payment

Pay once and start your SEO journey right away.

Rs. 32,000

Rs. 40,000

Save 20%

What’s included:

3 Flexible Payments

Learn at your own pace with 3 easy payments.

Rs. 39,000

/ (for three months)
Rs. 13000
What’s included:
Sojab Shrestha
Sojab Shrestha
Read More
I really respect our SEO expert Mr. Rambabu Thapa for sharing his SEO knowledge and providing me a great platform as well. He is very supportive and one of the king of SEO.
Ashna Shakya
Ashna Shakya
Read More
Orka Socials gives one of the best SEO trainings in Nepal. I personally learned alot of new aspects of SEO and digital marketing through their training. It is very helpful and I look forward to other upcoming trainings as well.
Join our SEO community with a 20% discount and start your SEO journey.

Frequently asked questions

The course is designed to be completed in three months, but it offers flexibility to accommodate different learning paces.

Yes, the course aims to help trainees land their first SEO job, with over 40 partner agencies offering entry-level positions.

The course offers different payment plans, including a one-time payment and installment options.

A 20% discount is currently available for joining the SEO community.

Yes, the course is designed for individuals looking to transition into an SEO career.

Trainees have access to live coaching sessions for guidance and support.

Yes, participants receive a career certificate that can be added to their professional profiles.

The course opens avenues in various digital marketing and SEO roles in agencies and companies.

The main goals are to teach SEO comprehensively, prepare trainees for the job market, and provide real market experience.

Trainees join an SEO community and have access to ongoing support.

The skills are applicable across various business types, including e-commerce, local businesses, and large corporations.

Yes, freelancers can greatly enhance their SEO skills for client projects.

Roles like SEO specialist, digital marketing manager, content strategist, and more are attainable.

Yes, entrepreneurs and business owners can learn to effectively apply SEO to their businesses.

The course encourages community interaction and group discussions.

The course starts with foundational lessons, making it suitable for beginners without prior SEO knowledge.

The course is led by Rambabu Thapa, an experienced SEO professional with over 14 years in the field.

The material is delivered through a mix of lessons, assignments, and live sessions.

The course is divided into multiple modules covering different SEO topics and skills.

Yes, the course includes over 100 practical assignments for real-time application of knowledge.

The course covers various aspects, including on-page, off-page, local, and technical SEO.

Trainees have lifetime access to the course material.

Yes, the course is available online, making it accessible for remote learners.

The course includes practical assignments and real-world applications of SEO strategies.

Basic computer literacy is sufficient as the course covers SEO from the basics.

The course covers both free and premium SEO tools necessary for effective SEO practice.

Yes, the course content is updated to reflect the latest trends and practices in SEO.


Yes, SEO content writing is a significant part of the course curriculum.


Main topics include keyword research, SEO audit, local SEO, content strategy, on-page and off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Yes, modules on SEO reporting and analytics are included.

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