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An OFF-Page SEO technique is a method to improve your brand value by working away from the website itself. A part of it includes building high-value network links from reputable digital networks and is different from On-Page SEO.

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Off-page is a lot more than link building and requires detailed attention to execute. At present, some of our Off-Page SEO techniques include social bookmarking, directory submission, guest blogs, classified ads, manual link building etc. 

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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a process of saving websites in a social bookmarking platform such as Reddit, Pinterest etc. Later, you can visit those saved websites from any device with an internet connection.


Guest Blogs

Write blog posts on many blog sites, such as WordPress,, etc instead of on your website. Then reference your website in the blog to build a relevant link.


Manual Link Building

Manual link building can be a very useful tool if you do it in the right way. Many websites can exchange links for relevant content to increase their brand recognition. 


Directory Submission

You can submit your website in a web directory under a specific category to build links. For e.g. if you have a website related to education, you can submit your website under the education section in web directories.

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Our white hat link building services will ultimately help your site to improve organic traffic.
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We receive a lot of questions regarding Off-Page SEO from many SEO trainees and business ventures. So, we have tried to answer some of the basic questions related to it in the below section.

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Search engine Google ranks websites according to their on-page and off-page quality. Off-Page SEO factor gives an idea of your website’s popularity. The higher the popularity among search engine viewers, the higher will be your ranking.
Most of the relevant links received from high domain authority sites are good. All the websites in search engines have domain authority ranking. A relevant backlink from a high Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority(DA) site is worth a lot more than a link from a low Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority(DA) site.
Blog creation on a separate website is known as guest Blogging. It is a part of off-page SEO techniques used to improve your search engine rankings.
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