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Get better results with error-free technical optimizations on your website.

Technical SEO Audit

As the name suggests, Technical SEO relates to all scientific aspects of SEO, including website crawling and indexing. It helps search engines understand and evaluate your website based on many factors. It has nothing to do with the website’s content or its promotion. 

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Search engines rate your website on many technical factors. Some of them are mobile-friendliness, page speed, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, SSL, etc.

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Mobile Friendliness

A good website is compatible with almost all devices. Whether you use a mobile, a tablet, or a laptop, websites are always designed to work and easy to use. Search engines like Google rate your ranking based on whether your website is working on all devices or not. 


Page Speed

A website that loads faster ranks better than a slower-loading website. Find out whether your website page speed is faster or slower than the average site. There are a lot of tools to check your page speed and optimize it. 


Optimized Robots.txt file

Search engines need to crawl your website to understand it. If you have blocked your coding files in the robots.txt file, they can’t determine if your site works properly or not. 


SSL certificate

Search engines are serious about the security of users and have placed it as one of their ranking factors. SSL certificates are  proof of a secure website as it lets you implement HTTPS for security purposes.

Optimize a website foundational aspect of SEO

Take your website traffic to the next level!!. Our technical SEO services will ultimately help your site to improve organic traffic.
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Some of the common questions we have received over the years  related to Technical SEO are listed below.

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Search engines can get confused if you have the same contents in multiple pages of your website. They will see both as a copy of the same page and will make one of them as a canonical page.This will make your web pages rank lower.
Search engines use an algorithm to scan all of the websites present in the web. This process is known as website crawling. After that, it gathers all of the contents found in the crawling process. This process is known as indexing. They collectively display search result information on search engines.
Technical SEO audit can consist of a lot of factors including page speed, site structure, XML sitemap, canonical URL, mobile friendliness, SSL certificate, Pagination, 404 page errors etc.
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