How We Boosted Organic Traffic And Brand Visibility In Short Time?

We boosted the online presence and exposure for brand recognition of the new eCommerce website.

0.7% CTR

24% Less CPA


210% ROI

The Challenges

This new ecommerce business was fairly new and had no brand visibility while there were various competitors in the market dominating. Everything needed to be done from scratch and hence required more time and efforts. 

Our clients further had little to know prior knowledge of SEO and the strategies which made it challenging for us to bring them onboard with our strategies. 


Our Approach

As whole business was a new concept, we had to start from the beginning, including keyword research. Here are the five things we did in this SEO campaign:

Organic Keyword Visibility & Improvement.

Starting from keyword research to the ranking the website at SERPS, we did it all in short amount of time. We focused on all aspects of SEO strategies namely on-page, off-page and technical SEO. 

We were able to rank the website for lucrative keywords and clients were able to get good ROI. 

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Breaking down a winning digital strategy.

Our key strategies that brought us good results in short time.


Competitor Research and Keyword analysis to start an SEO campaign

We used various tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics for competition research. We also analyzed keywords to see which words to target.


SEO audit to fix critical technical issues

After an SEO audit, we found significant redirection and broken links issues in the Bowser Sands website. We fix those errors along with some 404 link errors.


Content Optimization to boost traffic potential

We optimized the product and category pages having huge traffic potential. We also created supporting posts and created internal links to targeted pages.


Off-Page Optimization to boost SERP rankings

We evaluated and performed many off-page Optimization techniques to boost SERP rankings. This includes Web 2.0, Press Release, Social Bookmarking, Guest Posting, etc.

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