How We Increased Potential Customers From 0-280 In 3 Months

SEO strategies that increased potential customers from 0 to 280in just a period of 3 months.

0.7% CTR

24% Less CPA


280% ROI

The Challenges

Our client was new in e-commerce business and was selling products that were already widely being sold by competitive brands with established businesses. Targetted lucrative keywords were difficult to rank for and hence we had to start from scratch. From keywords research to reverse engineer competitor’s practices. 


The site required keywords assessment and development to target the audience. Our primary strategy was to establish online presence of the website by working on content optimization and site’s overall performance enhancement. Furthermore, we had to add supporting content and improve internal linking to improve user experience within the site. 

Our Approach

 We conducted different SEO campaigns, and the initial one itself took three months to end. Our primary focus factors to improve their SEO rankings were as follows:


We achieved massive results in a short period of time. Within 3 months of working with us, the client has recorded a drastic surge in organic traffic. They went from 0 to 280 monthly organic visits and most important keywords and traffic keep surging over time.

ozy tool box case study organic traffic
ozy tool box overview
ozy tool box case study organic keywords

Breaking down a winning digital strategy.

Our Winning Strategy/Steps:


Comprehensive SEO Audit To Develop A Solid Foundation

Auditing a site was the first and most prioritized approach that helped us to identify a culprit that has affected the site’s health in terms of crawling and indexing. Since a site was made life we had to inspect everything in the best possible way.  We fixed some critical issues that existed to make sure the site is technically healthy.


Identify Ideal Competitors

After that, we identified our ideal competitors where we reverse engineered their content and links. Since the majority of SEO signals is concentrated over content and links, we had to make sure what types of pages Google were rewarding and what type of links they were acquiring?


Evaluate Overall Ranked Pages and Keywords

We then evaluated overall ranked pages and keywords,  category pages were the ones that were generating massive organic traffic. Afterwards, we developed a keyword for each product category pages along with organizing primary, secondary and supporting keywords.


Content Creation and Optimzation

Another most important pillar of our strategy was product category content creation and optimization. We identified high-value keywords for the product category page and rebuilt the page content following as per our standard content outline/structure.


Build Content SILO

Furthermore, our secret weapon was building content silos and connecting them to the money page i.e product category page with internal links. A content silo is a collection of pages around a topic similar to the target/money page.

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