How We Doubled The Organic Traffic In A Month By Fixing Keyword Cannibalization

A case study demonstrating how we fixed keyword cannibalization issues and achieved improved organic traffic.


200% Growth


< 1 month


This case is focused on the Keyword Cannibalization Issue that we encountered on the website of an e-commerce brand. This was revealed during the site audit. The key goal of the project was to increase the potential customers through organic search traffic for the client by fixing keyword cannibalization and other issues. After the initial page-level content audit, we understood the performance of the website, ranking, states of links and fixes we needed to make to get the result.  
With our winning SEO strategy, we achieved a 200% increase in organic traffic in less than a month. We have outlined what we did, the outcomes, and how long it took to achieve them. Here is our quick overview that specifies key areas such as:

Nature Of The Business

Our client is UK based e-commerce brand that sells handmade rings for men. They specialise in a wide range of hand-made rings of tungsten, titanium, antler, carbon fibre, natural wood, seashells, and silicone in various colours. Despite their unique brand value and direct sales from all over the UK, their website was underperforming as per their expectations.

Objectives Of The Case Study

Key Challenges

Breaking down a winning SEO strategy.

Our Winning SEO Strategy/Steps:


Assessed keyword cannibalized pages

Instead of targeted pages, undesirable pages were ranking for their primary keyword. For instance,  page A should rank for XYZ keyword instead page B was ranking for XYZ keyword on the 3rd page. Those pages with roughly the same content competing with each other signaled and confused Google bot to rank incorrect pages.


Content Consolidation/Optimisation

Since the content of two cannibalized pages were identical, we consolidated the content of page B and optimised the on-page  of page A. For the on-page optimisation we did:


301 Redirect

We redirected page B to page A in order to consolidate overall SEO signals. This consolidation provided a positive user experience for visitors. Instead of landing on a 404 page and having to search for other related material on their own, 301 redirects ensured that visitors always land on the information they want.


Created a new collection page optimising for Page B

Since the cannibalization issues were with page B, we created and optimised a new collection page targeting the primary keyword. We made sure this page was well-optimised with two different sets of keywords.


We achieved massive results in a short period of time. Within a month of working with us, the client recorded a drastic surge in organic traffic & the number of organic keywords keep increasing. Their organic traffic has tripled now and we can see massive ranking with improvement on lucrative keywords. 

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