SEO Content Writer Internship

Orka Socials is looking for an intern for SEO Content Writing who is willing to make their…

Job Description

Orka Socials is looking for an intern for SEO Content Writing.

Someone who is willing to make their career in SEO and has a passion for writing.

If you’re dedicated, ambitious, and amazing with your words, our company is an excellent place to grow your career.
Don’t hesitate to apply.

Applicant Responsibilities

✅ Learn different techniques for writing SEO-friendly content 

✅ Learn and perform content, meta tags optimization for websites

✅ Learn and work on different content types

✅ Assist in conducting keyword research for different content

✅ Assist in the creation of social media posts

✅ Learn and utilize different SEO and content tools

✅ Stay up to date with new SEO algorithms, tools, and software

The Opportunity

  • Career progression opportunities
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Training and development budget
  • Fully stocked kitchen



SEO Content Writer Internship

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