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Contents free is a South Korea-based Affiliate site, which gives information about the different products to its…

0.7% CTR

24% Less CPA


210% ROI

The Challenges

The main challenge of this venture was the language differences. As the site was in the Korean language, it was difficult for us to find and optimize the site’s exact keyword. Also, we found it challenging to write optimized content, as well.

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Our Approach

As the site was in a different language, we had to be careful in analyzing it at every step. However, after the first SEO audit, we found some evident problems in our client’s websites. We have made a list of a few things that we did to improve the site’s health. They are as follows:

Organic Keyword Visibility & Improvement.

We achieved great results in a short period of time.In the competitive IT Services industry, the most profitable keywords are the most competitive. Our proven SEO strategies boosted this client’s search engine rankings – resulting in top rankings for highly lucrative keywords such as Staff Augmentation, Staff Augmentation Firm, Staff Augmentation Services.

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Breaking down a winning digital strategy.

Content in this section missing as well


SEO audit to figure out the fundamental problems

Our core SEO team did a necessary SEO audit to figure out the fundamental problems on the website. They then devised a strategic plan to solve all these problems.


Site Structure improvement for meaningful audience interaction

Our team reduced the bounce rate to 6% from 90% by changing the page structure. They added FAQ and TOC to the post pages to engage more viewers. They also added an FAQ schema to improve organic CTR. 


Spam links removal to move ahead of competitors.

We removed all the spam backlinks created by our competitors. After that, we made our high-quality backlinks to improve off-page SEO rankings.


Increased Page speed for better crawling and indexing

We reduced the page speed to less than three seconds for the Contents free website. This resulted in better crawling and indexing process by Google.

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