Law Firm SEO: How We Helped a Law Firm Generate Millions of Dollars Worth Of Leads With Our Proven SEO Strategies

We helped our law firm client generate a million-dollar worth of leads.

Background Study

Our clients are residents of Sacramento, California, specializing in car accidents and other personal injury claims. Although they specialize in other practice areas such as truck accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, brain injury, elder abuse, and more, their topmost priority practice areas are car accidents. As a result, we were more concerned about car accident practice areas than others.

Likewise, their firm offers a risk-free guarantee, providing free consultations based on the “When We Win, We Pay You” model. Truth be told, most of the cases they received were solely from referrals. We concluded that the site lacked SEO visibility, which could have generated millions of dollars worth of leads. That’s when they turned to us for help.

The Challenges

Our biggest challenge was the highly competitive landscape in the legal industry. Established law firms had already dominated the search results, leaving our clients far behind in terms of SEO visibility. After assessing the content gap, we realized we were miles behind in keywords and ranking aspects. Content strategy and planning were also key challenges for us. 

On the other hand, when assessing overall site authority, our clients had a low domain authority compared to established firms, making it difficult to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). Site authority indicates the number of quality links the site has acquired over time.

To address this issue, they partnered with our SEO agency to develop and implement an effective SEO strategy to increase their online visibility, attract more qualified leads, and ultimately grow their business.

Our Winning Strategy That Generated Million Dollars Worth of Leads $$$


Technical SEO Audit and Fix

We conducted a thorough site audit to identify technical issues affecting crawling and indexing. We fixed critical issues to ensure the site is technically sound.


Keyword Development / Intent Research

Our keyword development / intent research involved identifying the most relevant and valuable keywords and understanding the intent behind user search queries to optimize a website’s page content.


Schema Markup Implementation

We implemented schema markup for different types of pages to help search engines understand the content better. As it was a local business, we implemented and optimized our schema markup exclusively according to local business standards.


Off-Page Optimization to boost SERP rankings

We used both free and paid links for our link-building plan. We researched our competitors’ backlink profiles and built citations on high-authority business sites. We also built contextual links pointing to the money pages and initiated a digital PR campaign to improve overall site authority. 


Supporting Blog Posts

Likewise, we prioritized supporting blog posts based on the funnel and practice areas. These posts provide additional information, insights, or examples that supplement the parent page. The following are the types of content prioritized and optimized to support the targeted audience:

  • FAQs
  • Blog Post
  • Case Studies
  • Local Resources & more

Additionally, supporting blog posts helps to acquire natural links and drive traffic to a website by providing additional opportunities to rank for related keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs).


Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for law firms for several reasons. We achieved high rankings for local intent keywords by optimizing content for location-specific search queries, drastically improving leads and calls.

Overall, local SEO visibility was poor, and we optimized the following:

  • GBP Optimization
    • Reviews
      • We acquired high-quality reviews by collaborating with the client.

    • Citation
      • Citation gaps were present upon comparing with our most realistic competitors. We set aside a budget to close the citation gap.
  • Sitewide Optimization
    • We optimized pages with the local intent keywords embedded maps and added local resources to improve the local signals.


Killer Content Strategy & Content Optimization

Upon reverse engineering competitors’ keywords and content, we found that the majority of organic traffic-driving pages were:

  1. Location Based Page
  2. Location-Based Practice Area
  3. Clustered Practice Area Pages
  4. Supporting FAQs
  5. Supporting Blog Posts

Based on our thorough competitive content assessment, we determined that the most effective content strategy for a personal injury law firm was to create a top-level personal injury page for the client’s main geographic location. Then, we recommended building an individual practice area page for each location our client serves.

For instance, our client resides in Sacramento, California, so we created a webpage optimized for that geographic location.

The overall page and URL structure will be something like this:

  • lawyer/

And the list goes on……

Furthermore, we expanded our content silos even more by implementing a rock-solid content strategy and a strict interlinking structure.

For instance, we expanded our Sacramento car accident silo further by creating supporting clustered pages such as:

  • /drunk-driving/
  • /aggressive-driving/
  • /hit-and-run/
  • & more

Note: This strategy worked exceptionally well, and we ranked for their high-value or sometimes called money keywords, i.e., [location] + car accident lawyer, [location] + truck accident lawyer, within a short time frame. The increasing number of calls and leads had become overwhelming over time. An interesting and amusing comment from the client left a lasting impression. The client jokingly asked, “Is there any way to stop getting calls and leads?” They explained that they couldn’t handle many cases simultaneously and were overwhelmed. This situation truly resonated with the saying”suffering from success.”


Within 6-7 months, our strategies led to a 300% increase in leads and calls. The client experienced a drastic surge in organic traffic, and we successfully ranked for high-priority, high-value keywords with the potential to generate millions of dollars worth of leads (legal cases).

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Time Frame: May 2023 - Nov 2023

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