We Tripled (3X) Organic Search Traffic In Just 2 Months

A case study demonstrating how we fixed massive page indexation issues and achieved improved organic traffic.


3X Organic Growth


Less than 2

The Challenges

The website was facing massive page indexation issues.


Our Approach

Our first and most important step was to conduct a thorough site audit that helped us to identify the cause of poor crawling, rendering and indexing. We recommended fixing critical issues that existed in the site to make sure the site is technically healthy. It’s important to note that technical SEO audits are typically part of longer-term engagements.
Besides, we performed a Google Search Console (GSC) audit which comprises a powerful combination of crawling and indexing analysis. The GSC contains a number of crucial reports that we used to identify and fix issues that could adversely affect organic search performance.
During the audit, we crawled the site multiple times and multiple ways. Since diagnosing technical issues is not enough using tools only, we also performed a thorough manual audit to identify the culprit. We used a number of tools for crawling sites, each that fits a specific purpose.
We covered and help them fix a number of critical technical issues:
Likewise, we maximized content discoverability on Google by adding structured data and submitting video sitemaps frequently. Having a number of videos across the site, it was crucial for them to reach the broader tech community with research-based video content.  We adopted the best practices as per Google guidelines and implemented them easily. It allowed the site to rank across organic video features. Over time optimizing video schema and indexing drove significantly better exposure and user discoverability in search and discovery.

Another challenge was with the URL structure. The overall URL pattern of the site was similar to https://example.com/3a5ebc944f41daa6f849f730f1.

The site URLs were constructed with jumbled words/ page id.

Overall site URLs were constructed with jumbled words/ page id. According to Google guidelines A site’s URL structure should be as simple as possible“. Google uses predictive analysis to identify duplicate content when the URL pattern is similar. It means if the URL pattern is the same all over the pages, Google thinks it is a duplicate page and won’t crawl afterwards.
Keeping Google guidelines in mind, we made sure URLs are constructed logically and in a manner that is most intelligible to humans & web crawlers. Our standard URL structure became  https://example.com/guide-to-deep-learning from https://example.com/3a5ebc944f41daa6f849f730f1.
Furthermore the majority of pages have video-based content. Our challenge was dealing with thin & duplicate content issues. Google won’t prioritize crawling if a page is thin, duplicate or is low quality that doesn’t give real value to users. To improve the overall quality of the pages, we recommended  adding transcripts and captions to avoid thin and duplicate content issues. Video transcription is a textual representation of the spoken content in video and audio files. Search engines can’t understand a video or listen to audio, but they do index text which later helped us to battle thin content issues.


We achieved massive results in a short period of time. Within 3-4 months of working together, the client recorded increase in organic traffic and index coverage trends showed a massive indexation of pages. Their organic traffic tripled and lucrative keywords and traffic keep surging over time.

Coverage Section of Google Search Console After Technical Fixes
Google Search Console Data After Technical Fixes
GSC Coverage section before SEO
Coverage Section of Google Search Console Before Technical Fixes

Breaking down a winning SEO strategy.

Our key strategies that brought us good results in short time.


Comprehensive SEO Audit To Develop A Solid Foundation

Auditing the site was our first step that helped us identify the problem which affected the site’s health in terms of crawling and indexing. We fixed some critical issues and made sure the site is healthy.


Google Search Console Audit and Analysis

We used a Google Search Console (GSC) audit, which entails a comprehensive crawling and indexing study. We utilized several GSC reports to determine and repair any problems that might have an adverse influence on organic search performance.


Perform Manual Audit

During an audit, we generally crawled a website multiple times and in various ways. Since merely relying on tools to diagnose technical problems is insufficient, we carried out a comprehensive manual examination to pinpoint the source of the problem. For crawling websites, we used numerous tools that each fulfilled a distinct function.


Provide Neccessary Reommendations for Implementation

After going through three different audits, we prepared recommendations to increase the technical site health. These technical recommendations include various factors like crawling, robots.txt, XML sitemap, structured data etc.

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