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Are you a mortgage company wondering how to get more client? Are you a mortgage company looking forward to growing your business? As mortgage companies, the biggest challenge you might...
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Are you a mortgage company wondering how to get more client? Are you a mortgage company looking forward to growing your business? As mortgage companies, the biggest challenge you might face is getting consistent new clients each month. If you are seeking for SEO tips & strategy for your mortgage companies, you have come to the right place.
Thnking abou scaling your Mortgage company business
In the era of technology, everything becomes possible with the internet. Ordering food to the online consultation, e-learning to e-payment, everything seems simpler.

If you are a mortgage company and you are still on the way of traditional marketing, this article is for you. Although traditional marketing is still prominent, your brand must adopt a digital marketing strategy in order to sustain in today’s competitive market.

Well, when it comes to internet marketing, SEO is the first thing we highly recommend to your mortgage company. You might be wondering why SEO and what are its major importance? How can it help to grow your business? Read on !! We have something big for you.

Why SEO for Mortgage Companies?

Importance of SEO for mortgage companies

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is simply a strategy which improves your brand visibility in search engines. If your site ranked on a large number of keywords you will have a large no. of visitors on a site. High no. of visitors means a high conversion rate. Let’s say your site ranked on keyword ”Refinance Home Loan” which has 12,100 search volume. Taking 1% as a conversion rate you will get 121 new clients. That’s overwhelming right.

Some of the major importance of SEO for your mortgage companies are:

What are the first things you should know before seeking SEO service?

There are many SEO companies who could say we will rank your site higher on google. Even more, will double your traffic and conversion. Hello, my folks, this is never going to happen. SEO is a long term game and make sure it can’t happen overnight. Implementing the right strategy with the right people is crucial. If you are in a way to choose the right SEO company for your mortgage niche make sure they will raise the first question about your business. We are here at Orka Socials is happy to help you at every moment. Here are the few things you should be aware of:

Your Company Overview

This is the first and most crucial phase to determine what your company objective is? If a company is offering products and service what could be the geographical areas you would like to target your audience? Is your company giving value to seekers and blah blah?

List what you believe are your most important keywords

Since your brand is solely focusing on SEO, you should be aware of what can be a prominent keyword so that potential clients can find you. What can be the right keyword that can convert into conversion and so on?

Here comes keyword research into play. Keyword research is a process of discovering a potential keyword related to your business niche where users find you.

Know your audiences

Are you offering your products/service either local or global? What could be the buyer persona? Well, a buyer persona is a fictional character of your customer like gender, age, behaviour along with additional attributes.

Know your real competitors

Discover your true competitor and know why the heck they are at the top positions? How are they doing well in your business niche? What are their SEO strategies? Why are you lagging behind your competitor? What could be a SWOT analysis namely Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat? It can give great insight into your business niche to prepare a plan and execute them accordingly.

Keyword Research & Keyword Intent

Well, discovering a potential keyword to a business niche is prominent. As we already talked on keyword research earlier, you should be laser-focused on keyword intent. Stuffing keywords is a long gone. Google updates its search algorithm frequently and they are very good at identifying a keyword intent. In this section I will be discussing on keyword intent types along with an example:

Informational Intent Keyword

Types of keywords which are solely focused on replying to an answer to the user query. These types of keywords often start with wh- question. Let me give you an example:
Above list of keyword intent clearly shows someone is looking for information.

Navigational Intent Keyword

Types of keywords where the users are actually navigating to a website using a brand keyword. Like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix are navigational intent keywords.

Commercial Intent Keywords

Types of keywords where the users are at the stage of buying products or services. This sort of keyword has a high conversion rate and boosts your overall revenue. Let me make you clear with a suitable list of keywords:

Transactional Intent Keywords

Types of keywords that have a higher potential of buying products/services. It has more probability of converting a searcher into buyers. Let me give you an example with a list of keywords:
If you need a further list of keywords that are related to mortgage niche, let’s have a look:

List of Most Popular Mortgage Keywords

Keyword Global Search Volume
Fha Loan 13500
home loan 135000
home equity loan 90500
first time home buyer 90500
best mortgage rates 40500
home equity line of credit 40500
mortgage comparison 40500
mortgage loan 33100
housing loan 33100
VA home loan 33100
refinance mortgage 22200
first time home buyer loan 22200
construction loans 22200
mortgage companies 14800
mortgage advisor 18100
best mortgage deals 14800
cash out refinance 14800
equity loan 12100
refinance home loan 12100
mortgage deals 9900
bad credit mortgage 9900
jumbo loan 9900

What are Orka Socials SEO tips for ranking higher in google?

Well, SEO can make or break your website if not implemented strategically. So executing as per your plan is crucial for ranking higher in google. Here are the tips we would like to share with you all:

Focus on Local SEO

If you are a global-based brand do not ever neglect your local customers. Optimize your website for local customers too. One of the first things is to setup a Google My Business Listing in order to rank locally.  NAP citation, local-based content can be helpful too where you can include within your site.

Focus on curating tons of fresh content

Content is still the king in SEO. No content means no keyword, no keyword means how are you going rank higher on google? Google algorithm changes rapidly. Make sure they are smart enough to identify a duplicate and copied content which will significantly impact your search engine ranking.

Say no to copied content and start publishing qualitative and comprehensive content in your business niche. Long-form of content tends to rank with a large number of keywords which also helpful for your internal linking strategy.

Final Thought

No doubt, technology along with consumer behaviour is evolving constantly. Every business faces unique challenges and they sure have to adopt the right marketing strategy in order to sustain in today’s competitive market.

If you are service-based or product based company either serving locally and globally, when it comes to internet marketing, SEO is the first thing we recommend.

If you are ready to take your Mortgage companies to the next level and stay ahead of your competitors, we are happy to help you. Feel free to contact us as our custom SEO strategy can definitely help to grow your business.
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